Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013... Over But Not Forgotten

'Rob' 36"x30" Oil on canvas
I sadly didn't post anything last year (me bad)... if I left it a year I hoped nobody would notice! Probably very few did.

Well, it was a phenomenally busy year. Many good things happened, some slightly annoying, but nothing actually bad or unfortunate.

This is a painting of one of my studio-mates, Rob Farrow, which won the 'Figurative Award of Excellence' award in 'A.I.R.S.' the 4th ‘Annual International Representational Show’ held by the Federation of Canadian Artists in Vancouver.

It wasn't the best prize by far that I won during 2013, but it was the one that pleased me the most for many reasons, although chiefly as I had "strongly" encouraged a friend to also enter. He did, and himself won a prize which made me very happy... a good night.

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