Friday, February 6, 2015

First Foreground Pass

'You Don't Say?' 20"x26" Oil on canvas, foreground
An "in progress" update of the portrait that I'm currently doing of one of my fellow artist friends.

I have be asked by some people as to how I'm building this piece up, so hopefully this will be somewhat of interest to those who asked (hopefully).

So, this is the first basic pass over the figure and the foreground items. It's pretty general at this stage with some items and parts not finished to the degree that they will be worked up to later. There again some sections will also be simplified as the painting is developed.

I have on reflection decided that the background needs to be "cleaned up" a tad and have some of the clutter removed. This is a pretty common occurrence with portraits, what at first seems a charming and relevant detail can later be seen as a distraction. After painting in the background I'll put a final unifying sweep of glazes over it all and it'll be (sort of) done.

Sadly it's a bit of a "rough" photo, the camera wasn't set up correctly and was shot late at night (I will replace the image later with a better one).

 Further images of the work as it progresses, as well as the eventual final piece, will follow.

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